2024 Cherry Blossom Forecast (5th forecast) More Details Here.


Due to an Earthquake that struck Japan on 1st JAN. Please check your itinerary if your plans include earthquake affected areas.


KIE’s Commitment to SDGs. More details Here.


The United States and Japan officially launched the “U.S.-Japan Tourism Year” in 2024. More details Here


You can get your KIE’s invoice anytime when you need it. How to?


< Important >  International Travel Notification Here.  Travel State Gov – U.S. DEPARTMENT of STATE.

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Congrats to All Winners!

Last Updated : 12/08/2023

We received so many entries for this contest which is very much appreciated. We would like to thank the many people who responded to the quiz. In addition, we value the many comments and opinions we received.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the quiz with prizes commemorating the renewal of the Kintetsu’s website.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Correct answers to quiz

1. You can easily print out your ticket invoice from “Print My Invoice” anytime on KIE’s website. How do you do it?

  • Invoice email address and traveler’s name
  • Traveler’s name and KIE’s confirmation number
  • Flight Ticket number and departure date

>>>More details here.

2. When you planning a business meeting, there are many important arrangements to be made, sometimes you forget one. KINTETSU can help you to take care of arrangements. Check out our website to see example select from below your answer.

  • Entertainment Artists
  • Audio Visual Equipment   
  • Group photo commemorating the business meeting

>>>More details here.

3. What is the correct combination of hotel chains that KIE offers nationwide discounts?*

  • Hilton, Hyatt, Radisson, Drury
  • Sonesta, Club Quarter, Drury, and Choice/ Radisson
  • Marriott, Sonesta, InterContinental Hotels Group and Drury

>>>More details here.



Amazon $100- Gift Card

——–T.Y.(TX),  B.A.(TN),  K.G.(NY)

Free  Airline Ticket

——–M.S.(NC),  E.L.(NY)

Free One Day Car Rental

——–T.T.(NJ),  E.T.(MI),  A.S.(CA),  M.G.(MI),  D.L.(IL)


Thank you very much for all the applications!

Winners will be notified by Kintetsu by December 22.

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