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Business Travel Management

Automated Systems

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KIE’s automated systems: Power of Experience

Corporate Travel Management

KIE’s objective is to provide consistent superior service in an efficient, and cost effective manner. Through KIE’s unique and finely tuned balance of automated systems, online booking tools, expense management systems, along with our high touch customer service, we can provide an array of services and resources which will assist you in attaining your financial goals, save time and reduce your travel expenditures.

Travel Spend Analysis
Designing Directives to ensure traveler satisfaction

Implementation Strategies
Online Booking Tools – Deem@Work / Concur Travel

Compliance Reporting
Complete access to all corporate travel related reports

RFP Process Management & Vendor Negotiation Support

Rate Auditing
Expense Management Options

Innovative Adoption Strategies & Performance Monitoring

KIE’s Quality Control Mechanism to Ensure Superior Service

Total Quality Assurance Program

A Three Tiered QC Process which ensures Travel Policy Compliance and travel experience from the Point of Sale to the departure.


Our custom check module will ensure that your travel policy and individual preferences are reflected in every reservation.


Prior to ticketing our QC Manager reviews all reservations to ensure that all policy requirements, visa documentation requirements, and VIP requirements are properly included in the reservation.


Fare Checker:Reservations are reviewed and cross-references to ensure that lowest logical fare was booked.

Waitlist Checker:Reviews seat maps and books seats as soon as they become available.

Seat Checker:Reviews seat maps up to 24 hours prior to departure to book preferred seating. E-Ticket Checker notifies consultants of any unclaimed E-Ticket value at the time of booking.

Online Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Review all Travel Data from Overall Expenditure to Policy Compliance for your entire program.

Comprehensive management reports capture and consolidate all travel data from your company locations worldwide. kiDat transforms this data into valuable information enabling you to monitor trends, negotiate discount programs, and assess supplier performance. These reports can be created on a pre/post travel basis, and will capture all historical data from KIE’s back office accounting system. Using these specially designed reports you are able to ensure compliance with your travel policy by detecting violations and the associated cost impact on departmental budgets. This fully automatic reporting tool can be customized to generate and send reports on a periodical basis to any person or persons within your organization.

Risk Management System

Risk Management

Combined with 24/7 after-hours service from anywhere in the world, you are able to get valuable information and assistance when it is needed most.

Knowing where your travelers are at any given moment is an important element of any corporate travel program. It is not enough that travelers get to their destination. Today, companies are obligated to warn and protect their employees when on business trips. kiTrac is a comprehensive travel security management solution that assists corporations with the ability to monitor traveler’s locations, providing real-time information on their whereabouts. Combined with 24/7 after-hours service from anywhere in the world, you are able to get valuable information and assistance when it is needed most.

  • Travel Advisories Notifications via email
  • Destination Intelligence
  • Secure Online Portal Access
  • Scheduled Delivery of Reports via email
  • Traveler Security
  • Traveler Tracking
  • No IT costs or Installation Required
  • Health and Safety Advisories
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

The crisis tool corporate travel managers and security professionals need.

Powered by kiTrac, Crisis Management Reporting gets the most up-to-date trip details and makes this information available to you on the web within minutes of the trip being booked.

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  • Insight
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