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Business Travel Management

Adapting to changing business travel

Although business travel is trending upward overall, many companies have changed their business and travel policies in response to the pandemic. The safety of business travelers is more important than cost, and there is a tendency to prepare itineraries from a slightly different perspective than before.
Kintetsu International will serve you with your arrangements cordially and courteously. Such as, “Providing a safe and comfortable travel experience”.

Work Efficiency

What kind of procedures do you and your employees follow when making reservations for airline tickets and hotels for business trips?


Risk Management

After experiencing the unprecedented pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, there is an increased focus on risk management. We propose “risk management” solutions for the purpose of the safety and health of business travelers.


Cost Reduction

More urgent business trip, more cost than necessary! According to our analysis, the largest expense within the total corporate travel costs is the airfare, accounting for nearly half. Additionally, affordable flight tickets and hotels may not always represent the optimal conditions.


Enhancement of Governance

In today’s business environment, it is common for companies to spread out all over the world and conduct global business activities. Among them, Business Travel Management (BTM) focuses on the proper planning and management of frequent and business-related travel by corporate employees and executives.


Benefits of BTM Solutions


  • High touch and courteous service
  • Preventive measures applied with experienced and knowledgeable travel advisors to ensure a smooth trip
  • Prompt troubleshooting and follow up when necessary
  • Total support from the time of booking until after the trip is completed

Benefits of BTM Solutions


  • Total end to end solutions and reconciliation from the booking process al the way through to expense management
  • Japanese-English bilingual travel advisors
  • Optimization advice for existing business trips
  • Savings generated using KIE’s air, car and hotel discounts

Benefits of BTM Solutions


  • Travel expenditure oversight to better control and reduce your travel costs
  • On demanding reporting from business trip arrangements to expense reimbursement
  • Detailed ad hoc reports defined by your needs (airline, duration, city, travelers, etc.)
  • We bring the entire process and all your data together in one place

System Information

KIE Online Data & Risk Management Tools

Total Quality Assurance Program

A system of checks and balances ensuring you have the best fares possible

Management Reporting

Access to all your travel data, allowing you oversight of your travel expenditures

Risk Management

Allows you access to data that tracks your employees location on demand

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Online Travel & Expense Booking Tools

A mobile, cloud-based travel solution that allows employees to quickly shop for, book, and manage their travel, all in one platform.

Concur solutions helps you create an automated, integrated corporate travel system that will help you achieve all of your travel and expense goals.

Certify cloud-based software is designed to empower employees to book business travel with ease, and provide employers with an overview of travel spending.

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Case Study

Cost ReductionWork Efficiency

Total support for affiliated companies

Comprehensive Management

Example of Automotive Company A corporation. Management of more than 10 affiliated companies throughout the U.S.


Submission of CO2 emissions data

SDGs Initiatives

Case of a chemical manufacturer

Risk Management

Risk Management Support

safety check

Quickly confirm the safety of your travelers

Service Flow

Inquiry to Traveler Profile Setting

Starting KIE’s services to Expense Report

The adventure begins.

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Group Travel (M.I.C.E. Services)

As one of the largest Japanese travel agencies in the world and an integral member of a multi-national firm, we at Kintetsu International leverage our considerable buying power and unparalled expertise to unlock boundless opportunities for our clients.

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Group Travel to Japan

Unlock the magic of Japan with Kintetsu International, where extraordinary experiences, friendly faces, and a world of adventure await.

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