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Risk Management Support

Last Updated : 11/08/2023


In the case of X Company, a mid-sized trading company, the general affairs department managed travel applications for business travelers, but even after receiving them, it was not always possible to obtain accurate information due to changes in travel itineraries. Whenever we received news of an accident, we had to split up and call people to find out if the traveler was in the area or on the aircraft. At the same time, we received calls from family members of the travelers, and it was time-consuming to organize and share information in order to respond to their inquiries.


Our risk management system, kiTrac, was proposed and implemented.


After implementing kiTrac, we are now able to track the location and real-time status of our travelers online, either from the office or from home, even when there is news of an accident. Even if a hurricane is forecasted to hit the area in the next few days, we are now able to get information on those who are planning to travel to the area before they leave, enabling us to respond quickly. Both the general affairs department and the travelers are now able to quickly confirm the safety of their travelers.

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Business Travel Management

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Work Efficiency

What kind of procedures do you and your employees follow when making reservations for airline tickets and hotels for business trips?


Risk Management

After experiencing the unprecedented pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, there is an increased focus on risk management. We propose “risk management” solutions for the purpose of the safety and health of business travelers.


Cost Reduction

More urgent business trip, more cost than necessary! According to our analysis, the largest expense within the total corporate travel costs is the airfare, accounting for nearly half. Additionally, affordable flight tickets and hotels may not always represent the optimal conditions.


Enhancement of Governance

In today’s business environment, it is common for companies to spread out all over the world and conduct global business activities. Among them, Business Travel Management (BTM) focuses on the proper planning and management of frequent and business-related travel by corporate employees and executives.